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Prescription Contact Lenses for Herndon, VA

If you wear glasses, then you know all of the problems that come with them, including steaming up in the hot weather, sliding off your face during activities, and breaking or losing your frames. If you are in or near Herndon, VA and are experiencing these issues, then contact Eye Street Optical for a contact lens fitting. Wearing contacts instead of glasses offers numerous benefits, like:

  • Style: You can just be yourself and look like yourself when you wear contact lenses. While glasses can be stylish, they’re also expensive to replace, so most people only have one or two pairs. Wearing contacts allows your natural face to shine through and gives you the option to wear non-prescription sunglasses. When you want to change your look, prescription colored contacts are the answer! Colored contacts can be subtle or bold, all depending on how you’re feeling that day.
  • Clear Vision: Properly fitted contacts fit directly over your cornea, allowing for a wider field of vision and an easier time focusing. They are not affected by steamy temperatures or inclement weather, so you know you’ll always see things clearly.
  • Easier Physical Activity: With properly fitted contacts, any physical activity is easier than it is with glasses. You won’t have to worry about breaking or losing your glasses or sweating them off of your face. Imagine being about to run, wear goggles or hang upside down without worrying about losing your glasses.

Get Fitted for Contacts by a Professional Optician

Eye Street Optical has been providing Herndon, VA and nearby cities with total eye care since 1986. Each of our opticians has at least 20 years’ of experience or more in fitting patients for contacts and glasses. With this level of expertise and experience, you can be assured that your contacts will not only help you see clearly but will also be as comfortable as possible.

The process for fitting your eyes for contacts will begin with a regular eye exam, to make sure your prescription is still valid. Then, your optician will measure your cornea, taking into account the shape, size and curvature of your cornea. There are several brands and types of contacts, so having a specialist in this area will assure you have the best contacts for your eyes. Ill-fitting contacts can lead to discomfort, blurriness, eye infections, painful scratches and abrasions to the eye.

Types of Prescription Contact Lenses

There are two main types of contact lenses: soft and hard, also know as rigid gas permeable. These thin pieces of glass or plastic sit directly on top of your cornea, so a proper fit is essential to clear vision and comfort. In addition to basic, clear contacts, prescription colored contacts are also available. Whether you have light blue eyes or the darkest of brown eyes, there are prescription colored contacts that can change your whole look.

Contact Eye Street Optical for Prescription Colored Contacts Today

If you’re interested in wearing clear or prescription colored contacts, contact the professionals at Eye Street Optical today.