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Contact Lenses in Centreville, VA

Contact lenses are a great alternative to glasses when it comes to corrective eyewear. Eye Street Optical is a full service optical center serving the Centreville, VA area. Our team of fully licensed opticians can find the lenses that are perfect for you and your lifestyle.

There are several benefits associated with wearing contact lenses. If you are considering making the switch from glasses to contacts or feel a new brand new exam and prescription is in order, make an appointment today. Eye Street Optical carries soft and hard lenses as well as long-term wear soft contacts and disposable soft contacts.

  • Style: Contact lenses allow you the ability to retain your look without the obstruction of glasses. They are a perfect fit for an active lifestyle. Eyeglasses can be stylish. However, they are expensive to replace and repair. Because of this, people typically have only one or two pairs. Using prescription contact lenses also gives you the option to wear non-prescription sunglasses. Contacts also come in a wide range of colors, so when you want to switch up your look, you can. From subtle tones to the bolder and more adventurous, Eye Street Optical makes it easy to change your eye color.
  • Clear Vision: Contacts fit directly over your cornea, so you have a wider field of vision. This also means your eyes focus faster, so things are clear to see more quickly. Prescription contact lenses are unaffected by steam or heat, and inclement weather does not pose a problem for your vision like glasses do.
  • Easier Physical Activity: Any physical activity is easier with properly fitted contacts than it is with glasses. There is no more worry about breaking or losing your glasses or sweating them off of your face. Would it be great to run, wear goggles or hang upside down without worrying about losing your glasses?

Professional Opticians

Since 1986, Eye Street Optical has been providing the Centreville, VA area, with the best eye care. Our opticians each have at least 20 years’ or more experience fitting patients for contacts and glasses. With this level of expertise and experience, you can be assured that your contacts will not only help you see clearly but will also be as comfortable as possible.

For a contact lens fitting, we begin with a standard eye-exam to ensure your prescription is still current. Your optician will measure your cornea and take into account the shape, size, and curvature of it. As there are quite a few brands and types of contacts, having a specialist in who will assure you have the best fit for your eyes is crucial. Ill-fitting contacts can lead to discomfort, blurriness, painful scratches and abrasions to the eye.

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