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Eye Street Optical Has the Best in Contacts and Prescription Colored Contacts

If you’ve ever struggled with losing your glasses, having your glasses slide off your face or simply breaking your frames, it may be time to consider contacts. Eye Street Optical has been providing the residents of Chantilly, VA and nearby cities with total eye care, including contact lenses, since 1986. Wearing contact lenses instead of glasses offers many benefits, like:

  • Clear Vision: Properly fitted contact lenses sit comfortably on the eye, which allows the wearer a wider field of vision and an easier time focusing. Contacts are not affected by weather, so rain, snow, fog or other adverse weather won’t cloud your vision. Contacts won’t steam up the way glasses do in hot, humid areas.
  • Easier Physical Activity: If you wear glasses and are physically active, you know how uncomfortable it is when your glasses slide down or fall off of your face. With properly fitted contact lenses, that discomfort is completely gone! Imagine running, sweating or wearing a helmet without the discomfort or concerns of wearing glasses.
  • Style: While wearing glasses can be stylish, sometimes you want to skip the frames completely or wear regular sunglasses. Contact lenses give you the option to see without cumbersome frames getting in the way. To change your look, you can opt for prescription colored contacts, which give you the same level of comfort as regular contacts with a fun, colorful change in your eye color.

Get Professionally Fitted for Contacts and Colored Contacts

Being fitted for contacts by a professional optician in Chantilly, VA, is essential in assuring that your eyes are comfortable and healthy. At Eye Street Optical, all of our professional opticians have 20 years or more of experience in fitting patients for contacts and glasses. Being fitted for contacts by a professional optician assures that your contacts look good, feel good, you can see clearly and that your eyes are healthy.

The process for fitting your eyes for contacts begins with measuring your cornea. Your optician will take into account the shape, size and curvature of your cornea before selecting the type of contact you need. Once this information is determined, your optician will usually give you a sample pair, so you can see if contacts are for you. A proper fitting contact lens not only ensures a comfortable fit, but it can also prevent eye infections, abrasions and painful scratches from ill-fitting contacts.

Types of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are extremely thin pieces of glass or plastic that sit on top of your cornea. They are soft or hard, also known as rigid gas permeable. You have the option of daily wear lenses, daily disposable lenses and extended-wear lenses. In addition to the basic clear options, there are also many color options for naturally dark or light colored eyes. With all of the options out there, getting fitted by an optician from Eye Street Optical will assure you have the right contact lenses for your eyes.

Contact Eye Street Optical for Contact Lenses

If you need a new contact lens prescription, to renew an old prescription or are interested in prescription colored contacts, call Eye Street Optical today. Our professional staff is waiting to help you see more clearly.